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Inventory Control Elements

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The Inventory Control system is comprised of the following elements:  


Locations represent the locations – bins, racks, shelves – where items are physically stored.    

Lot/Serial Control

Items can be flagged for lot control and serial control, in which case lot or serial numbers are assigned at time of receipt and specified at time of issuing and picking.    

PO Receipts

Purchase items are received to inventory through the PO Receipts screen.  

Job Issues

Materials – meaning components and raw materials -- are issued to jobs in real time through the Job Issues screen.  

Job Receipts

Finished job items are received to inventory through the Job Receipts screen so that they are available for issue to other jobs or shipment to customers.  

Shipment Planner and Order Picking

The Shipment Planner within the Order Picking screen prioritizes sales orders that are ready for order picking and shipment to customers.    

Stock Counts

The Stock Counts screen is used to conduct cycle counts and physical inventories to adjust on hand quantities to match actual stock quantities.  

Stock Transfer

Stock quantities can be transferred from one location to another through the Stock Transfer screen.  

Stock Adjustments

The Stock Adjustments screen is used to make an inventory transaction that is not associated with a standard process.  

Item Labels

Three item labels are available – stock item labels, PO receipt labels, and job receipt labels – that can be customized as needed.