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Financial Transfer Defaults

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This chapter explains how to set up the Financial Transfer Defaults screen.  

Output File Location

Use this setting to designate a destination folder for your transfer files.  If you leave this blank, your transfer files will be saved by default to your ProgramFiles\DBAManufacturing folder.

AR Invoice Line Item ID

In your outside accounting system, create an item as follows and enter its item ID (part number) in this field for inclusion in the AR Voucher Transfer screen.

Item Type (Non-Inventory)

The item must be designated as a non-inventory item.  

Description (AR Voucher Transfer)

Give the item a description of AR Invoice Transfer.  

Sales Account (AR Voucher Transfers)

Assign the item to your AR Invoice Transfer account in your accounting system GL.

NOTE: If you are required to designate a COGS account, use your AR Invoice Transfer account as well.  

Tax (Non-Taxable)

Designate this item as non-taxable  or assign it to a non-taxable tax code so that tax does not get added when the voucher is imported.  Tax is already processed in the DBA invoice and is not to be itemized in the AR invoice.