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DBA Help

DBA can be installed on-premises on your own server or it can be installed on a remote server hosted by a data center (Cloud installation).

Connections are made via Microsoft RDS

Remote desktop workstations, tablets, and notebooks connect to the hosted server via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS - formerly Terminal Services).  Microsoft RDS CALs (client access licenses) are required.  

NOTE: RDS is not available with Microsoft Server 2016/2012 Essentials or Microsoft Server 2008 Small Business Server.

SERVER SETUP: Provide users with access to the server desktop.  Do not publish DBA as an App.  

Your accounting system can be on a different platform  

Your accounting system is independent from DBA and does not need to be on the same server platform, so it can be hosted or on-premises as you wish.  For example, your accounting system may be hosted or is an online application, yet you may prefer to install DBA on your local server, which you can freely do so.