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DBA Help

When you start using DBA for the first time, you will be interacting with the Startup Wizard, which guides you through the implementation process.

Startup Wizard

The Startup Wizard guides you through a set of sequential setup and rehearsal tasks leading up to system startup day. If you have a question within a given task, you can submit a support ticket and we will help you.  By the time you get to startup day, your system will be properly set up and users fully rehearsed for live operations.  

Automatically launches on system login

The Startup Wizard automatically launches whenever users log into DBA and continues to do so up through system activation.

System activation occurs on system startup day.

Processing screens are not available for live use during Startup Wizard implementation.  This prevents experimental transactions from interfering with system startup and it assures that the system is fully set up and all users are trained and ready for full deployment on day one.  Full deployment on a startup day is the implementation methodology used by all enterprise systems because partial, rolling, or parallel startups do not work and have a high failure rate.  

Experimental transactions can be made in the Training Company

During Startup Wizard implementation, you can freely use the Training Company option to source a copy of your database to make experimental transactions without affecting the integrity of your live system.