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DBA Help

Extensive documentation is provided to help you learn and use the system.  

Help and Web  Formats

All documentation is available in a Help file format within the program, which is accessed via the Help menu.  Screen help can be accessed by pressing F1 within any screen.  The entire documentation set is also available in a web-based format, which can be accessed from the Support page on our website.

PDF Formats (Selected guides)

Most guides are available in PDF format except for the Startup Guide, Training Guide, and Screen Help, which are intended for online linking and viewing.  

Embedded Training Videos

Training videos are embedded throughout the Training Guide and can be accessed from links throughout the Startup Guide and Screen Help.

System Documentation

All system documentation can be accessed from the DBA Help (F1) option on the Help menu.  

Screen Help (F1)

You can access screen help from the DBA Help menu or you can press F1 from any screen to open its associated help topic.

Manufacturing Efficiency Guide

This guide explains the seven essential processes that maximize your systemic efficiency.  

Workflow Guides

Workflow guides provide the conceptual framework for each of the nine phases that comprise the "Total Control" process workflow.

Training Guide

The Training Guide covers user training tasks, which are listed in their recommended order of completion.

Startup Guide

The Startup Guide documents all the implementation tasks that are performed when using the Startup Wizard.

Technical Guides

Technical guides include this guide as well as the Data Import guide.  

Conversion Guides

Conversion guides help you convert from using legacy financial modules to financial transfer and converting from DBA Classic to DBA Manufacturing.