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Financial Cutoff Date

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(GL – Financial Cutoff Date)

Use this screen to prevent financial transactions from being entered with a posting date prior to or on a specified cutoff date or beyond a specified number of days in the future.  This protects the general ledger from accidental posting to prior periods that you consider to be closed or to future periods where posting is not relevant.  

Training Video

Support Center – Videos–How Do I? – General Ledger Training Course

Segment: Financial Cutoff Date

DBA does not have a formal “close”  

DBA does not have any type of formal “closing” procedure that must be run to advance to the next accounting period or fiscal year.  In DBA, accounting periods exist solely for reporting purposes and are used to group GL transactions into date ranges.  Without a formal close, a period is “closed” whenever you consider it to be so.  


Screen Details

Financial Cutoff Date

Select a date equal to the last day of the accounting period you consider to be “closed.”  Financial transactions throughout the system do not permit date selection or entry prior to or equal to this date.  

Forward Cutoff – Number of Days

This setting limits the number of days that invoices or payments can be forward dated.