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Estimated Cost History

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BOM > Estimated Cost History)

This screen is used to view the history of changes to Estimated Costs.




Grid Fields  

Session ID

This is a system generated ID number for the batch of transactions.


The transaction date of the change in Estimated Cost.


The event that triggered the change in Estimated Cost.  Here are a list of potential Sources:

Cost Rollup Batch

Cost Rollup Single

Est Purch Costs

Est Secondary Costs

New Item Entry

BOM Routing Change

BOM Components Change

BOM Cost Ratio Change

BOM Revision Update

Items Rolled

The number of item's rolled up in the BOM Cost Rollup screen for both the Cost Rollup Batch and Cost Rollup Single sources.

Items Changed

The number of Items that had a change in their Estimated Cost.  You can actively drill through to the Estimated Cost History Detail from this field.


The DBA User that performed the action

Jobs Updated

When checked, the Est Costs for un-released Jobs (NEW status) were updated.


Estimated Cost History Detail

Accessed from the Items Changed field of from the Details button in the header.  This will list all item IDs that had a change in Estimated Cost and provide a reference for the scale of the change.  It is a good practice to always review the scope of a change to ensure that the % Change appears reasonable.